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About Us

Chris & Brandi Akerman

Mountainman Jerky Company was started out of necessity. I crave beef! Some people cannot wait to have chocolate, popcorn or candy to satisfy that intense desire their body demands. Mine was beef.

Since I was always on the go, and to satisfy my need, I would buy beef jerky from any convenience store I happened to be at. Unfortunately I was disappointed most of the time. To solve my problem I started to make my own. It was not easy. It took over 5 years and a lot of wasted beef to perfect my recipe.

I enjoyed my jerky and so did my family. It became a game for my extended family to come over to my house and take as much jerky as they could. I gave some away one year for Christmas presents to my fellow church members and my golf buddies. I was soon flooded with requests to make more for their personal use. That was back in 1988.

Mountainman Jerky Company has come along way since then. We have grown from making one flavor out of my kitchen, to a nice smoke house offering six hearty, Mountainman flavors.