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Sample Pack Jerky- Medium
Sample Pack - 12 ounces

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Sample Pack Jerky- Medium
Item Id: SAMP400
Sample Pack - 3 ounces of each flavor:
  • Hickory Smoked Jerky
  • Peppered Jerky
  • Sugar Free Steak
  • Wild Fire

Hickory Smoked Jerky

Our original flavor, with a slight taste of honey and the taste & smell of hickory.

Peppered Jerky

It has the taste and smell of hickory, but with the added taste of black pepper. Not enough to make it hot, but enough for people who enjoy the taste of black pepper.

Sugar Free Steak

It tastes like a steak cooked in your own backyard. Sugar Free steak has no added sugar. It is diabetic friendly and great for anyone who needs to watch their sugar intake.

Wild Fire

It is hot and spicy. We use three different types of peppers (Cayenne, Habanera and Red peppers) to create just the right blend of hot and spicy jerky. Perfect for anyone that likes the taste and heat of peppers.

We use only USDA Choice beef - an extremely lean cut of beef. We hand trim each piece of beef to remove any unwanted fat. That's how our jerky gets it's natural looking cut. Just like the Mountain men used to do.

Weight 12 ounces

We do not use any MSG or preservatives in any of our products.

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